Bike Lights Tool Update

I’ve made some progress on the bike lights tool.

It’s not much, but I managed to organize things better, and to make a repository for all the resources, including the Arduino code for the ESP8266, and the KiCad schematics sources.

You can find the repository here.

The list of main changes, since the last post:

  • Fix occasionally alternative blinking of LEDs when switching from single LED blinking to both
    • Due to the way of handling blinking, when switching from one LED blinking, to both blinking, without turning them both off first, the two LEDs were blinking alternatively, instead of simultaneously. I’ve found a fix for that.
  • Replace button text by symbols
    • For now, only the receiver module is under development, the development of the transmitter module, which will include buttons or a joystick, will start soon, so I’ve changed the position of the buttons in the web interface, to be closer to the that idea
  • Switch from client to AP mode as default
  • Organizing and cleaning up the code, adding comments, and other tiny fixes

See the new look and behavior in the following video.

Update preview video

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